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[VIDÉO] Pravind Jugnauth : «Mo Comba Contre La Drogue Li Sans Pitié…Rezilta Ki Mo P Doné, B Lepep P Truvé»


The Prime Minister maintains that the people can now see the results of his fight against drug trafficking by the seizures made recently. Pravind Jugnauth made this statement to the press during the Eid-ul Fitr celebrations organized by the Moka district council at the New Discovery government school on Saturday morning, 8 July.

«Mo kapav dir zot mo kone zordi ki manyer dan le passe ti p fer la drog rent dan sa pey la et komye ravaz ti p fer. Zordi nou p azir, mo konba li san pitye. Personn pa pou ena okenn faver. Mone dir, ki li etranze, ki li dimunn ki kapav mo kone, ou byen ki li dimunn cuma mone dir li avant ki capav fami ar mw, tousala pa konte. Seki konte, seki si zamai nou ena prev ki ena dimun ki implike dan trafik ladrog, mwa entan ki premye minis mo p azir.»

Pravind Jugnauth said he did not wait for the drug commission to make its recommendations to take action. ‘Rezilta ki mo p done, b lepep p truve’.

He expects the Commission to question other persons in the legal profession as part of this investigation into drug trafficking.

Concerning the convening by the commission of the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, lawyer Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, the Prime Minister said take time to wait for the conclusions.

“There have been allegations against some people. He replied. I would make comments once I have the final report in hands and recommendations. You will see how I will act if necessary.”

Another subject addressed by the Prime Minister, the deterioration of public order throughout the country. The Prime Minister says that the ‘law and order’ is not just the business of the government and that everyone should be concerned.

“I call for the collaboration of the entire population to win the fight against crime.”

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