[VIDÉO] Meurtre De Flacq– Le Frère De La Victime : “Li Finn Pik Mo Soeur Kot So Lombri…So La Vie Ti Fini Ale”


Umawatee Somrah, 34, Anju for her loved ones, was stabbed this Sunday evening, July 9 by her husband Ravi Somrah, 37 years old.

According to the victim’s brother, she was a battered woman. This is what prompted her to come and live with her brother in St-Rémy, Flacq.

“I was working in my field when my wife alerted me to the incident. I ran to my sister’s house but she was already dead, Li Finn Pik Mo Soeur Kot So Lombri…So La Vie Ti Fini Ale “said the brother.

“Anju came to live with me in February because her husband was beating her. They then reconciled and lived in a house not far from home. ”

However, according to the brother, this reconciliation was of short duration.

“When I got to my sister’s house today, [Sunday] she was already dead. My brother-in-law stabbed her. Without knowing it, my mother took the knife from my brother-in-law.

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