Vidéo: 3 Mois D’emprisonnement Seulement Pour Le Voleur De Chou-Fleur



Menon Meetoo

Menon Meetoo, alias Kevin, was sentenced Thursday 3 August to three months of imprisonment for theft of cauliflowers from a plantation field on Chentenay Street, St-Pierre. The judgment was done at the Moka court.

This resident of Circonstance, St. Pierre, pleaded guilty when he was summoned before the Court.

The events took place on Wednesday 2 August. Menon Meetoo was surprised by a planter while he was leaning on cauliflowers. This vegetable, which is very popular among Mauritians and currently sold between Rs 50 and Rs 75, can be eaten in salads or curries. The suspect, in his confession to the police, said he resold them to … Rs 25.

Hardly had the planter put his feet on his cauliflower plantation on Wednesday around 3 pm, he was surprised to see a man with a shady look cutting the vegetables. He quickly realized that he was a thief. He immediately informed his friends. The latter came quickly to on the spot.

One of them took out a camera to film the suspect. The video was then be shared on Facebook (see video below). On the images, one can see the alleged thief sitting on the floor. At his side, a bag of “raffia” containing the cauliflower he had just cut. The police were then alerted.

Before settling in St. Pierre, Menon Meetoo, a native of Stanley, Rose-Hill, was already known to the police for many cases of theft. During his interrogation, he confessed that he was stealing cauliflowers on plantations since he had settled at Circonstance, Saint-Pierre.

Menon Meetoo was also wanted by Stanley police for another theft affair, this was learned afterwards.

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