Un Homme Agressé Au Sabre À Rose Hill : “Zot Inn Vinn Lor Mwa Ek Sab”



Eddy (modified name), 50, had both fractured feet and several lacerations in the face. This resident of Stanley, Rose Hill, found himself in the middle of a fight that ended up in a pool of blood.

It was around 8 pm that the fight broke out. François, (modified name), 24 years old, Eddy’s nephew relates that he was at home when there was an intrusion. “We were watching TV when we heard loud noises at the door. He told us to come right away, “he says. Sensing the danger, the young man who was in the company of his companion, their 3-year-old daughter and his sister were looking for a way to escape.

But it was already too late. “Linn avoy lame andan ek inn tir pwagne”, he continues. A gang broke into his house. “There were eight people, armed with sabers. They did not wait a single second and began to beat us, “said the father.

Anferm tifi 3 an dan lasam

As he tries to defend himself, he receives several blows in the face. “Zot inn pran mo tifi 3 an, zot inn ferm dan enn lasam”, he adds. It was only the beginning of his nightmare. The couple who found themselves alone in front of the aggressors, spent a dirty quarter of an hour. “Zot inn arass rel rido zot inn tap mo madam”.

They still managed to get out. “My sister took the little one and fled. We too were able to go out, while they were ransacking the house. ” Without losing any time, Francois went to the police station of the locality. And he informed an uncle of this aggression.

“As soon as I heard that my nephew was assaulted, I went to his house,” says Eddy. He found himself face to face with the aggressors of the young man. “Zot inn vinn lor mwa ek sab”, he explains. His face was lacerated, his stomach and his feet wounded. “Monn tonbe apre. Dan lopital ki monn leve,” he adds. He had both feet fractured. Tuesday night, he underwent a new surgery. The police are waiting for him to recover from his wounds to get his version.

For Francis, one seeks to drive him out of the house where he lives. “We’ve had discussions with these people before, but nothing very serious. Now it takes a nasty turn. My daughter, my wife and my sister are traumatized, ” he explains. For the time being, there have been no arrests.

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