[Terre Rouge] : Un Père De 17 Ans Est Mort Et Laisse Derrière Lui Un Bébé D’un An Et Demi



He left this world too early in his life. A 17-year-old boy was found dead at his home in Terre-Rouge on Monday morning (July 24th). The autopsy attributed his death to pulmonary edema.

Despite his young age, the teenager, who was about to celebrate his 18th birthday in October, lived in a cohabitation with a son aged one and a half.

It was his companion Christabelle, 20, who made the sad discovery.

He was out at about 10 pm on Sunday and returned a few minutes later. He had taken a pot with another individual. I asked him to leave because I had to go to bed. In the morning, I discovered him dead, ” the young woman told us.

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