Satish: “Li Ti Dir Navin Ki Li Finn Fer Konesans Yusuf Ek Li Finn Kontan Li”


Neha Ghoorah Nurudin and her lover, Navin Gunputh, had a tragic end. They were murdered with a knife. It is a story of extramarital affair that is at the origin of this double murder. Yusuf Nurudin, the husband of Neha (35), was arrested. The feeling of the close relations of the protagonists oscillates between revolt and sadness.

Lucy Serret, 55, the mother of Yusuf, says she regrets that her son did not listen to her. She did not see that Neha would be a good wife for Yusuf but had finally accepted her only for the personal pleasure of her son.

The media met her at her home in Cité La Cure. She has a broken heart, annihilated and desperate. According to her, Yusuf is very calm and jovial by nature. “Yusuf had no secrets for me. Since he first met Neha, he did not tell me anything. He loved her madly. Zame li pa ti pe dire kitsoz de mal lor li. Mo pa kone sa ki mo garson ti pe pase dan so menaz, fode kan Neha finn porte mankan ki Yusuf inn rakont mwa so kalver,” says Lucy, with tears in her eyes.

Neha Ghoorah Nurudin

“Yusuf plore e dir mwa li nepli kapav”

Lucy Serret says she does not know how her son met Neha. According to her, Neha often came to live with them before the wedding, something she did not appreciate. Lucy, a very pious woman, said she was surprised to discover bottles of rum at her home during Ramadan. “Mo finn ankoler e mo finn dir Yusuf pran so madam ale, kit mo lakaz ale. Zordi si Yusuf ti ekut mwa e li pa ti marye. Yusuf e bann paran Neha inn dir mwa boukou kiksoz. Si mo ti kone Neha ti koumsa, zame mo ti pou aksepte. Mem si mo pa ti apresie ki Neha e Yusuf ti ansam, mo finn aksepte zis akoz mo garson. Mo ti kouma enn etranze dan mariaz mo garson. It was only after two days that my son came to invite me. Apre marriage, Yusuf plore e li ti dir mwa li nepli kapav, Neha pe bwar e fer desord, kouma dir siklonn kot li,”says Lucy, her voice shattered by emotion.

“So devwar pou sov mariaz so tifi …”

Lucy says she was shocked after learning that Neha’s father called Yusuf, Neha and her lover Navin to talk to them about this relationship. “Kan Yusuf inn dir so boperr ki bizin koz avek so tifi, papa-la ti so devwar sov mariaz so tifi e non pa apel lor garson divan so mari. Nimport ki mari pa pou kav get lom so fam me Yusuf fine pez nene bwar delwil, “says the mother of the main suspect in this double murder.

” Yusuf inn tom dan febles Neha. Si zame Yusuf kinn fer sa, nou pa kone dan ki sirkonstans finn ariv sa. But I firmly believe in the innocence of my son, for he is not a murderer. I saw him in court and he was in tears. He told me he did not kill his wife or the lover, “Lucy adds.

“Neha ti dir Navin ki li finn fer konesans Yusuf e ki li finn kontan li. Mo frer ti aksepte desizion la”

Among the Gunpuths, in the home of Navin, in Îlot, the relatives are always in shock. In 2002, Navin met his wife and after seven years they got married. They were happy. But after three years of marriage, they divorced. Reason: his wife wanted to have a baby, but Navin was not ready. In 2014, during an evening, Navin met Neha and since then they had been dating. Neha lived in concubinage with my brother for three years. “Mo mama e papa Neha kouzin. Nou ti al kot Neha pou fer demann. At that time, Neha was still studying and she said she was going to marry Navin afterwards, “says Satish; the brother of Navin.

In October 2016, according to Satish, Neha put an end to this relationship. “Li ti dir Navin ki li finn fer konesans Yusuf ek li finn kontan li. Mo frer ti aksepte desizion la. But a few days after his civil marriage with Yusuf, Neha came to us. I did not know she was home. It was only in the evening that Yusuf came to see me. He told me that Neha was at home and that he had come to look for her. Linn dir mwa ki Neha ti vinn rekiperr so zafer la zourne e li pann retourne. Monn al cheke laho e monn krye Neha. Linn sorti e monn dir li Yusuf pe atan li anba e ale si linn fini pran so ban zafer, “explains Satish.

Navin Gunputh did not have an easy life according to his relatives.

According to Navin Gunputh’s brother, the young woman did not come down. It was only when he called her again that she descended. ” Kan Neha inn desan, Yusuf ek li inn gagn enn alterkasion. Ti ena ban dimoun ki ti temwin. Monn dir zot al regle zot problem kot zot, zot finn ale , “says Satish.

He also pointed out that Neha’s father came to his house to talk to his mother. “My uncle told my mother to ask Navin to cut off all contact because her daughter is married. But it was Neha who called and sent messages to my brother, “Satish continues.

He explains that on Friday, July 21, Navin was preparing his lunch when, at one point, he left everything and left the house without saying where he was going. “Around 5 pm, he was called on his phone but no one answered. We tried again and the call was cut. When we called again, the cell phone was off, “says Satish. “We have been beaten, in vain. It was not until Wednesday, July 26, that we filed a complaint and, on Sunday, July 30, we received the bad news, “he said, with a heavy heart.

Neva’s relatives in Crève-Cœur, his father Ranjit Ghoorah, a sergeant at the National Coast Guard (NCG), refrained from commenting on the case. “I do not want to talk and I let the police conduct their investigation. I have nothing to say about my daughter’s public relations, “he says.

According to some of his family, Neha loved life. “Neha kontan amize. Nou pa konn so problem famiyal me li ti korek avek nou, “said his aunt.

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