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Pandit Arvesh Sharma Dabedeen recorded a testimony on Monday morning (February 6th) at the Central CID against two young people who allowed themselves to sit on the toes of the statue of Mangal Mahadev at the entrance of the Ganga Talao, Grand Bassin . This photo has been circulated on the social network Facebook. For Arvesh Dabedeen, it is a lack of respect for God Shiva.

Monday morning, this pandit who officiates at the Hanuman Mandir de Cassis, has appeared in the offices of the Central CID. He has filed a complaint against two young people, whose identity is not known at the moment. Taking a picture next to the Mahadev Manga is common but sitting on his toes while wearing shoes is an insult to God Shiva. “I do not agree, because I think these two young people showed a lack of respect. They went through the barriers when it was not allowed. In addition, they circulated the photo as if it was a feat on Facebook. I can tell you that the Mauritians are indignant at this. As a pandit, I can not tolerate this act from which this complaint. To the police now to find these two young people. ”

The statue of Mangal Mahadev is unique in Mauritius because it is 108 feet high and is covered with a special bronze painting.

Mahadev by light from 19 to 22 February

“Mahadev by light”. The Task Force approved the organizers’ request that an unprecedented activity be held at Grand-Bassin during the Maha Shivaratree. A projection of light, “Mahadev by light”, will therefore be organized from 19 to 22 February, 2017.

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