[Viol] Li Finn Ris Mo Cheveux Ek Li Finn Trenn Mwa Dan Enn Bwison…


The police investigation into the rape of a 38-year-old housekeeper on June 13 in St-François, Grand-Gaube, resulted in the arrest of a suspect on Friday, June 23. He is a mason of Petit-Raffray, about twenty years old.

During his interrogation by the investigators, he denied the allegations against him. He will have to undergo a DNA test for the purposes of the investigation.

In her testimony to the police, the victim claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by a stranger in Saint-François on the morning of Tuesday, June 13. She went to work when the man, who had hidden his face with a gray T-shirt, tried to steal her purse. She struggled a lot and finally told him to take the bag as there was nothing in it.

The unknown complied and he continued harassing the woman. A few minutes later, the man came back to her. « Li finn ris mo seve e li finn trenn mwa dan enn bwison. Linn viol mwa, apre de trwa minit, enn kamion ti pe pase e li finn sove », explains the thirtieth in her deposition.

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