Pu Ena Enn Marche De Prière Pu Amy Ki Pé Combat Leucémie, Dimanche 9 Juillet



Nicolas Fanny, Amy’s uncle and other relatives are organizing a prayer march in Curepipe on Sunday, July 9th. “We want to walk for all children with leukemia. Some children have dropped their arms while others are fighting. We must all be in solidarity. This walk is open to all and I hope people will respond, ” says the speaker.

The departure is scheduled at 11 o’clock in front of the Basilica of St. Helena. Participants will walk towards the church of Sainte Thérèse. A prayer will be done by Father Tam Im and the choir will be hosted by the Saint-Nicolas choir. Participants are asked to dress in white to pray for innocent children.

Read More: Amy Qui Lutte Contre La Leucémie Veut Qu’on Prie Pour Lui

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