Prisca : “Mo Bebe So Figir Finn Vinn Bleue”


He would have spent his anger on his 22-day-old baby. Jean Kenny R, 23, who lives with his 14-year-old girlfriend, was arrested on Friday by the Pamplemousses police. He violently threw the infant on the bed after a dispute with his young companion on Thursday. He remains in detention.

A 22-day-old infant escaped death. Prisca (14 years old), native of the North, nursed her baby in the early hours Thursday. “Kan monn fini fer zenfant là bwar, monn dir Kenny tire so gaz. Our baby (she has not yet been declared) was crying and Kenny grumbled. I asked him why he was grumbling, he started beating me. Then he violently threw our baby on the bed, “explains the minor to the police in the presence of her parents. The infant was rushed to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses where he was admitted. It was Friday that the mother and her child returned home.

The media met the young mother at her home. Questioned in the presence of her mother, Prisca claims she was often beaten by the husband. “It’s been a year and a half since I met Kenny. I met him at a party in Flacq. Since then, we have been going out together. Last year, when I got pregnant, he moved to my home. He often assaulted me, but I never lodged a complaint against him, “says Prisca. His mother does not hide his anger. “Kenny often assaulted my daughter Prisca. We talked to him many times, but to no avail. I can not excuse his gesture of anger, the baby could have died. “

The baby’s face was blue

After her assault and after Kenny threw the baby on the bed, Prisca explains that “mo bebe so figir finn vinn ble. Monn per monn dir mo paran. Kenny finn bwar e linn sove. My daughter cried with tears, and was taken to the hospital. The doctor told us that if we had delayed bringing him, his case would have worsened. Before he ran away, Kenny told me he wanted to kill our child. “

He started beating me. Then he violently threw our baby on the bed”

The young mother, Kenny says, contributes little to the needs of the child. “Kenny donn mwa tigit larzan, pa kone ki li fer avek so kas. He deceived my confidence. I did not think he would have done it with our baby, “she said.

On Friday morning, the Pamplemousses police, under the supervision of Chief Inspector Nucchedy, arrested Kenny. He denied all the accusations against him. “I assaulted Prisca, but I never threw the child on the bed. I do not know why Prisca made this allegation, “he told the investigators.

After his interrogation, he appeared before the tribunal of Pamplemousses where he was charged with causing harm to a child.

The police objected to his release, he was returned to the police cell.

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