Prakash Demande Aux Membres Du Public De Prier Pour Sa Femme Qui Lutte Entre La Vie Et La Mort


Usha Devi

Usha Devi R. was struck hard by a 4 x 4 on Saturday, June 17, as she was crossing the road to Mont-Ida. The young mother is admitted to intensive care. Her husband and children are praying for her recovery.

Prakash R. is not able to forget the horrible accident happened with his wife Usha Devi, 35 years old. The same is true of their two children, aged six and eight, who also witnessed the whole scene. “They keep asking for their mother. Every day, they ask me: Kan Mama pou bien e li pou vinn lakaz? I have to be strong for them. I try to reassure them. We are going through a terrible ordeal. We pray that she will recover as quickly as possible, “says the 40-year-old police officer.

The young woman, who was hit by an all-terrain vehicle as she crossed the road, was admitted to the intensive care unit at the Flacq hospital. Usha Devi has several fractures. His state of health is a source of great concern. “I ask members of the public to pray for her,” Prakash said.

It was on Saturday, June 17, in Mont-Ida, where the family resides, that the accident occurred. That day, Prakash, Usha Devi and their two children went to Medina to buy Briani. Then they had to go to the mother of the young woman. Except that the thirties had forgotten to bring some clothes for her children.

“Mo finn retourn lakaz e monn bord loto devan lakaz mo frer. Mo madam ti pe travers simin kan monn trouv dan mo retrovizer ki enn 4 x 4 pe vini ful vites. Linn tap avek mo madam, “says the father of the family. Usha Devi was projected on the ground some fifteen meters away. Seriously injured, she was taken to the Flacq hospital.

As for the driver of the 4×4, he was subjected to a breath test that proved negative. He is a 44-year-old resident of Providence, Quartier-Militaire. ” Mo ti pe sorti depi Quartier-Militaire pou al ver Medine kan enn madam finn traverse enn sel kout,” said the driver to the investigators. He was allowed to go home after his interrogation. The police investigation is continuing.

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