[Port Louis] : “Zot Finn Batte Moi Ek Zot Finn Cokin Tou Mo Zafer…Ziska Mo Soulier Zot Pas Finn Kité”


crime scene

The scene took place on Wednesday in the early evening. A 26-year-old clerk was walking quietly along Desroches Street in Port Louis when two men and a woman from nowhere attacked him.

“Zot finn batte moi ekk zot finn cokin tou mo zafer. Zot finn cokin mo 4 portable ki mo servi pu mo business, mo 2 card la bank, ziska mo soulier zot pas finn kité,” said the clerk.

The gangsters have taken control of everything they could find in his possession: four cell phones, two bank cards as well as a sum of Rs 1,040. Before fleeing, they also took his shoes. The loot is estimated at Rs 17,840.

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