Poorun Luckhun Retrouvé Mort Sous Une Feuille De Tôle



Poorun Luckhun

Poorun Luckhun, 52, was found buried under a pile of gravel and metal sheet at his home Saturday.

The inhabitant of Palma, Quatre-Bornes, was already dead when his relatives removed him from the rubble. The victim succumbed to cardiac arrest. The fifty-year-old family pointed to the workman responsible for the masonry work in their yard.

The accident would have occurred when the fifty-year-old wanted to cut a small slab on the small building yard in his yard. It was then that the collapse of the slab occurred. Nevin, 27, son of the victim was on vacation in Mauritius. He returned to the circumstances of the tragedy.

“My father and I decided to make some changes to the family home. There is a staircase that had to be removed and a slab to sink. We entrusted the work to a mason who was introduced to us by a man who had undertaken excavation work in the yard, ” explains the young man. He adds that the mason asked Rs 12,000 and the work could start at the beginning of July.

Nevin goes on to say that the latter has set to work by first attacking the demolition of stairs. “Once this work was done, a formwork for the slab had to be placed. Enn de bann travayer inn dir nou ki misie kinn met sa dal-la pa konn nanie ladan ek ki nou bizin fer bien atansion. . ”

On 18 July, a week after completing this part of the work, the worker was expected to visit Poorun Luckhun’s home. “He had to do the stripping. We warned him that it was a dangerous job and it was his responsibility to do it. We even offered him an additional sum of Rs 5,000 for this task. ”

But seeing no one coming after four days, Nevin and his father had decided to cut the slab themselves the following Saturday. ” I was not home. Everything was played out at that moment. My father had woken up. He was alone at home, “the young man explained. The rest can be guessed. Poorun Luckhun had decided to solve the problem alone.

It was his wife who, at around 2 pm, discovered his inert body. “Not seeing my father giving a sign of life, my mother went looking for him. It was by going to the back of the house that she saw him buried under the piles, ” says Nevin. He adds that she immediately alerted relatives.

Cardiac arrest

Once there, Nevin and his uncles pulled out Poorun Luckhun, who was beneath the piles of rubble, pieces of wood and sheets of sheet metal. “He seemed unconscious. I tested his pulse. I knew he was already dead. We took him to the hospital, “says the son of the victim.

In the meantime, the police were summoned on the spot. The autopsy, practiced Saturday afternoon by Dr. Prem Chamane, concluded that the victim had a cardiac arrest. “My father died after the shock he suffered. The workman did his job badly, ” says Nevin.

The plowman, who acted as intermediary between the mason and the family, asserted that everything had been done in the norms. “I explained to them that I was not a mason. I found a workman who did his job well. He followed the instructions of the owner of the premises. At no time did they appeal to me for the formwork. If they did, I would have warned the mason who would not hesitate to come to offer his services, “he says.

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