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The Mount : « Mo Mari Finn Zet Mo Baba Fort Lor Lili »


“Zanfan-la ti dan so lamé, linn avoy li lor lili avan li tap mwa.” Suzy*, a 14-year-old mother, is still in shock. Since the father of his 23-day-old child, Kenny Rabye, aged 23, was arrested for child abuse on Friday (July 28th). According to the inhabitant of The Mount, in Pamplemousses, this last one would have brutalized their baby and it Thursday. His mother, Pamela *, lodged a complaint against the young man before taking his daughter and the infant to the SSRN hospital.

Kenny Rabye, a mason living in Bel-Air, was brought before the tribunal of Pamplemousses. As the police objected to his release, he was detained until 3 August. If the young man admits to having beaten “enn ti kou” his companion to the investigators, he nevertheless denies having touched their child. He indicated that he had quarreled with the teenage girl about the child. “Mo ti dir li okip zanfan-la akoz mo fatiguer ek mo ti éna pou al travay. Enn diskision inn lévé, mo finn bat li enn ti kou mé mo pann bat mo zanfan, “he said.

The teenager and her baby, a girl who has not yet been declared, have, on their side, been able to return home Friday afternoon. Marie returns to the circumstances of the incident. She tells that about 5 am on Thursday she asked her boyfriend to take the baby to make her go. Kenny Rabye would have gotten nervous and would have sent the child on the bed before hitting his girlfriend. “Mo mari finn zet mo baba fort lor lili, Monn resi ratrap baba-la avan li tonbe. Kouma linn fin fer sa, linn al bwar apre linn sové linn alé, ver 6-zer, avan ki mo mama vini, “she says.

“He was very violent”

Marie confides that the young man changed his behavior when she became pregnant. “He was very violent. I thought it would change with time and with the arrival of the baby, but he did not stop threatening me and I always suffered in silence. “

The teenager says that Kenny Rabye came to live under her roof when she became pregnant. The parents of the mason were against the decision to continue the pregnancy while those of Mary accepted the child. “Mo pa ti dakor mo tifi iron abortman. Monn insisted ki mo tifi gard baba-la, “says Pam.

As for the minor, she maintains that the young man has always said that he loves their child. “He was supporting our baby. But he did not like sharing what he bought as supplies. Li ti fer regardan ar mwa ek mo mama, “she says.

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