[Montagne-Blanche] : Un Garçon De 18 ans Viole Sa Grand-Mère De 69 Ans



She experienced real trauma. A 69-year-old retiree living in Petit-Paquet, an eastern region, was raped on Monday night. She accuses none other than her 18-year-old grandson. The young man is actively wanted by the police. A deposition was made at the Montagne-Blanche police station.

This 69-year-old grandmother will never forget the aggression she suffered. Rani (fictitious name) was at her home Monday night. She was lying on a sofa in the living room when, at some point, her grandson, whom we will call 18-year-old Varun, approached her. “Varun inn dir mwa vini li pou kit mwa kot mo lasam. Once in my room, he threw himself at me and i fell down. I fainted. When I woke up, I found myself on the floor and I felt pain in the intimate parts. It was then that I realized that my grandson sexually assaulted me, “the victim told the police.

She was taken to the hospital of Flacq where she is admitted. On Tuesday, the old lady was examined by a police doctor who confirms that Rani was indeed the victim of a sexual assault.

Absence of parents

According to the words of the sixties, no one else was at home and her grandson took advantage of her parents’ absence to abuse her. The media met the victim on his bed at the hospital in Flacq. “My son and my daughter-in-law went to a temple to say prayers and Varun took advantage of their absence to rape me. I was shocked. It’s horrible. Mo pa kone ki finn pass dan so latet pou li fer enn zafer koumsa. Varun has always been very respectful. I think my grandson consumed something illegal so he could abuse me. I have a grandchild who has bad relationships and the day of the incident Varun had met her. I think she was able to give Varun some substance. I forgive him, however. I do not want to spoil his future. Li pe double HSC e mo anvi li arive dan so lavi, “says Rani, with tears in her eyes.

Contacted, Varun’s father did not want to comment on this assault.

As for Varun, he is still wanted by the police. The investigation, conducted by Inspector Kunnoo, is under the supervision of Chief Inspector Varlet.

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