Mirella: “Nurse La Finn Griff Mo Figure Pou Fer Moi Ress Trankil”



Mirella, a 54-year-old resident of Terre-Rouge, alleges that she was abused by a nurse from the l’hôpital du Nord, on Monday, July 31. She tells us of her misadventure.

The incident occurred on July 31 , said Mirella. “My physician asked me to do a heart test, an electrocardiogram. Already, on entering, the nurse in charge, who was not in a good mood, asked me to remove my clothes so that she could carry out the examination. She spoke to me in a rough tone,” laments the fifty-year-old. She says that in addition to the tone of her voice, the nurse would have examined her with disrepectful gestures.

“She pinched my foot very hard and placed the suction cups (which are used to fix the electrodes used for the exam) without applying the gel … After the examination in question, she uprooted them from my body , which left me with redness.”

After this painful electrocardiogram, as Mirella could not move, she could not help but say to the nurse: “Madame, fason ou koz avek pasiant pas correct!” That the furious nurse would have gone out to call the police. Mirella panicked by the turn of events, reports that she felt a great shame before the other people present. She allegedly told the police that she did not do anything wrong, but that the nurse in question acted wrongly.

“It was then that the nurse, with an abrupt gesture, scratched my face and gave me orders to be silent. Nurse la finn griff mo figure pou fer moi ress trankil”

Mirella lodged a complaint with the police station of the l’hôpital du Nord and reported the case to the superintendent of the hospital.

The Minister of Health, Jameer Yeadally, gave us the assurance that this case was taken seriously. “The hospital department has asked to open an investigation to locate the responsibilities. “Since a statement has already been made at the hospital police station, our services will work with them to shed light on these allegations and do justice to this matter. He adds that “the Ministry of Health will act severely and will not leave the perpetrator unpunished after having located the responsibilities.”

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