Meutre De Flacq : Le Mari Se Suicide


Tragedy in Flacq this Sunday evening July 9. Ravi Somrah, 37, stabbed his wife to death, Umawatee, 34, in a dispute.

The husband was placed in police custody at the Flacq hospital where he was admitted in the evening after a suicide attempt. He would have self-inflicted wounds with the murder weapon.

The drama occurred in the late afternoon. According to our overlap, the couple lived apart. It is up to us that Ravi, a resident of Terre Rouge, went to his wife’s house in Flacq this Sunday to see their son. A dispute then broke out between them. In a fit of rage, the man would have stabbed his wife.

According to the victim’s relatives, she had obtained a “protection order” because she was being beaten by her husband.

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