Meutre De Flacq : Le funéraille De Umawatee Somrah


 Umawatee SomrahIt was with temendous sadness that the family members of Umawatee Somrah, 34 years old, gave her their last farewells at 2 pm on Monday 10 July. The mother and sister of the victim collapsed after the funeral rituals. The young woman leaves behind her four children. This resident of Flacq died after her husband, Ravi Somrah, stabbed her mortally, in the evening of Sunday July 9th.

After committing the murder, this Terre Rouge resident tried to end his life with the murder weapon. He was placed in police custody at the Flacq hospital. No member of Ravi’s family was present at the funeral. One of his uncles says he has not intervened in the affairs of the couple since their separation. He told us that he chose not to go to the funeral so as not to make the situation worse.

According to our overlaps, on the day of the tragedy, Ravi went to his wife’s house in Flacq to see their son. A dispute raised between them. In a fit of rage, the man would have stabbed his wife. According to the victim’s relatives, she had obtained a protection order because she was often beaten by the husband.

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