[Meurtre] Janice Farman Avait Adopté Un Bébé D’une Fillette De 11 Ans En 2007


Janice Hebdo

Janice Farman, who loved children, adopted a baby in 2007. That of an 11-year-old girl who gave birth to a little boy. She did not want to keep him, because she had been sexually abused by her father.

Having learned these facts from her secretary, in August 2007, the Scot, former director of Rogers Outsourcing Solutions, wished to become a mother, began the process to meet the young mother and her family. After learning that half a dozen young women made a similar request, she was somewhat desperate. She could not hide her joy when she learned that the young mother wanted to meet her. “Thank God,” the Scot said. And seeing the little child, Janice kept repeating: “He’s a tiny, tiny baby.”

The biological mother, accompanied by her own mother, finally agreed to give her child to Janice, reassured that her baby would not lack anything. Before adoption procedures were completed, Janice had already bought everything for “her” child. The biological mother had to explain that she gave the child her own will, because she wanted to continue her studies and did not have the means to raise a child.

After learning about Janice’s murder, the biological mother went to the Child Development Unit (CDU) to meet her child. But access was forbidden.

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