[Mère De Nandinee] : Li Touy Enn Bébé 3 mois, Mo Pena Oken Pitié Pou Mo Tifi


Sad end for this baby of three months who did not even have time to pronounce his first words.

Vuran, three months old, was killed by strangulation by his mother, a resident of Camp-Levieux. Nandinee, 17, spilled her anger on the infant after a dispute with her 22-year-old boyfriend. The baby’s grandmother has trouble forgiving her daughter who, according to her, must be punished for her crime.

His life was short and the death atrocious. Little Vuran has never known the love of his mother. According to Vinoda, the infant’s grandmother, Nandinee did not want to see her son after childbirth. Jealous of her freedom, she thought that this child would spoil her life, preventing her from “enjoying life”

Thursday, after a quarrel with her lover Seeneevassen, Kevin for the loved ones, Nandinee slapped and scratched her baby before strangling her. According to the autopsy report, the baby died asphyxiated by the contents in his stomach. She is charged with a provisional murder charge and remains in custody. Her lover Kevin was also arrested. He confessed to having had sex with Nandinee when she was only 13 years old. He is being held in detention. The investigation is supervised by Chief Inspector Ameeta Ramdour.

Since his birth in March, Vuran has suffered from ill-treatment. According to Vinoda, her daughter sought all kinds of pretexts to explain why she did not look after the baby: ” Enn cou li dir li ti anvi tifi, ene cou li dir li pa ti envi gagn oken zanfan… Li rod tou kalite pretext.”


According to Vishnu, the father of Nandinee, the life of his daughter was upset with the birth of Vuran. “She was too young to have a child. She loves her boyfriend, but he often assaults her. I even saw that she had traces of wounds on her, but Nandinee never said anything, “he says.

Vishnu said he was saddened by the tragedy: “Seki finn arive finn arive. Bizin exkiz li. Zame monn trouv li bat bebe la. Ena fwa li zis criy ek li. Depi zanfan la finn ne, li araze ar li. Mo bien triste pou mo tifi, li bien zen “

Nandinee’s mother is less conciliatory. Vinoda explains that Nandinee’s behavior has completely changed since she met Kevin. She was then only 13 years old. “Nandinee no longer listened to anyone. She was just at her head. Her bad manners worsened after the birth of Vuran. If so, let me ask you. I have no mercy for my daughter, for she killed an innocent baby. Si depi boner li ti konn kontrol so koler, zordi tou sala pa ti pou arive. Mo pena oken pitier pou mo tifi. Parey kouma tou kriminel, li osi bizin gagn enn pinision sever. Pa ti paret ki li ena kit regre. Monn envi ki li repenti pou so erreur ki li finn fer,” said Vinoda.

Does Nandinee suffer from baby blues?

The baby blues is a hormonal upheaval that occurs after childbirth. The young mother then goes through a phase of sadness, doubt and anxiety. This condition usually does not last long. If the situation persists, this can give rise to psychological disorders in the mother.

“She will feel a sensation of disgust towards her child or even her husband. The cases of baby blues are quite common in Mauritius. Some mothers suffer for one or two weeks after childbirth. In some cases, this may last longer, “says a doctor.

Does Nandinee suffer from baby blues? The young woman was examined by medical examiner Maxwell Monvoisin on Saturday morning. The latter suggested that she be seen by a psychiatrist. After the medical examination, Nandinee was returned to the police cell.

At the police level, psychiatric expertise is also sought.

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