[Madvi Neehaul] : “Mo Voisin Finn Batte Mo Lichien Ek Li Finn Kass So Lizier, Finalment Li Finn Mort”


He has beaten the animal, broke his shoulders and blew his eye … Bouldou, the dog of Madvi Neehaul, a resident of Mont-Goût, did not survive this wild aggression perpetrated by a resident of the locality. The mother of the family lodged a complaint with the Pamplemousses police station. She feared for her safety and that of her two children. “Today it happened to my dog. Tomorrow this could happen to me and my children … ”

The facts occurred last week, says Madvi Neehaul. It was around 10:30 pm. “I was going to take a shower when I heard my dog ??screaming in pain.” She rushed outside. “I saw my neighbor running away. He had a stick in his hand. “When she goes to the bedside of her dog, it is horror … Bouldou is in blood. Mo voisin finn batte mo lichien ek li finn kass so lizier, finalment li finn mort”He was dying …” Bouldou was not transported to a veterinarian by social workers, but he did not survive …

According to Madvi Neehaul, it has been some time since Bouldou was in the crosshairs of this neighbor of about thirty years. The Neehaul settled at Mont-Goût, about three months ago, and maintain good relations with the neighborhood. “But I noticed that this individual, who lives a few meters from my house, used to tease Bouldou,” says the mother of the family. The latter even took a malicious pleasure in throwing stones at him. “When asked for explanations, he replied that Bouldou was running after him.” Instead, Madvi insists, his dog was permanently in the garage.

Since the tragic death of Bouldou, Madvi Neehaul, who lives alone with his two children, says he fears for the safety of his family. “I do not want to leave my house anymore. My neighbor made it clear to me that this case will not stop here. “Indeed, she said, after the police arrived, he would have said to her” Mo pou touy twa si. “

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