Madhvee Neehaul: “Inn Bizin Pik Li, Touye Li Akoz Li Ti Pé Tro Soufer”


The photos of a dog “Bouldou” were very emotional last week. The photos showed the animal was covered with blood. This incident has provoked the anger of hundreds of Mauritians and they had expressed their indignation by reading the story of Bouldou who was massacred, tortured, because of a fight between humans. Her mistress, however, remains inconsolable.

Sunday, July 23, Madhvee Neehaul said his “boy”, Bouldou, had a tragic end. The dog has been savagely martyred by neighbors who had broken one eye, stoned, after trying to throw boiling water at it, apparently …

In the garage, Bouldou’s bowls are still there. The blood which was on the floor has been washed. Difficult, however, to efface the anger, bitterness and sorrow of Madhvee. In the house, the atmosphere is still full of sorrow, the “smell” of Bouldou is always present. His joyous barking will no longer lighten their lives.

«Si enn fami ti mor mo ti pou mwin tris. Mo Bouldou ti mo garson sa, mo léker fermal» drops the 38-year-old mother. Madhvee is divorced. His two sons, aged 8 and 11, live with their dad. “Bouldou was like my child.” In the morning, she prepared Bouldou’s milk and cereals. ‘Aswar, li ti kontan manz diri, so gran zafer sa’

That Saturday, it was around 10:45. Exhausted after a night of work, the security guard took a nap. “Monn tann li kriyé kouma dir so lavi pé alé. Monn déboulé for-for.” Bouldou was on the ground, bathed in his blood, it lost one of its eye. ‘Krim zot finn fer ar li.’

Originally a dispute between neighbors. “Zot dir li tro zapé.” Madhvee’s version is that they were angry with her because she has rented the house they wanted to occupy.

No matter the reason, the act of barbarism, inhuman, towards this innocent animal, aged just one year, is inexcusable, she argues. Tartar, the brother of Bouldou was handed to another person to prevent the animal from suffering the same fate. “Monn donn li dimounn. Mo pa oulé ariv li ousi mem zafer “

And the police in all this? “They advised me not to look for trouble with the neighbors, since I live alone with my 21-year-old daughter …” On the day of the tragedy, the policemen went to the scene. “Zot figir inn sanzé kan zot finn trouv léta mo Bouldou.” A police officer gave her the number of a veterinarian. “Inn bizin pik li, touye li akoz li ti pé tro soufer. Banla mem inn anter li.”

Madhvee has tears in her eyes. The big heart, the forced smile. On his phone, dozens of photos of Bouldou, Tartare, their mother, Salmon. With the forced departure of his hairball, it is part of the joy of life of the family that has flown. “The images of Bouldou will remain forever engraved in my heart.” And in that of his children, also bruised.

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