Les Policiers Ont Mangé Le Cerf Tué Sur L’autoroute



Police officers from Rose-Hill Station are on the spot. And for good reason ! They are subject to an internal investigation. The meat of a deer killed in an accident in Trianon, on Thursday, July 20, was divided equally.

This, while, as required by the procedures, the body of the animal should have been delivered to a department of the Ministry of Agro-industry.

These agents of the order had then embarked the beast in their vehicle of function. Then headed to the butcher to have it cut out for Rs 600. Then everyone went back home with a nice part of this very popular meat, fallen from the sky.

And this story should never have been rumored after sharing the meat of this deer killed by a motorist on the highway at Trianon. But tongues were untied and the scraps of this case arrived to the ears of the ACP Dip of the Western Division. An investigation will then be commissioned by the senior officer and entrusted to SP Monvoisin.

The policemen at the Rose-Hill police station are questioned. If no one denies that the accident occurred, they will say however that the beast escaped into the woods after the shock. But what follows will reserve them many surprises …

Seizure of the vehicle

Investigators will then proceed to the seizure of the vehicle used by these agents. The caisson is undergoing a scientific review, conducted by the staff of the Scene of Crime Office. Traces of blood will be detected. Pushing their investigations further, the investigators also question the driver of the car that had hit the deer.

According to the motorist, the police officers present at the scene of the accident had boarded the beast in the caisson of their vehicle before leaving. She also recalled that she was heading for Phoenix when she hit the animal lurking out of nowhere. The deer would probably have escaped from a hunt.

The last piece of the puzzle will also be found. He was the butcher who had served the police. It was not long before he said that he had confined himself to cutting out the beast as he had been asked.

Confronted with all this compromising information, the policemen finally sat down to table. But all of them accused the sergeant who was at the time of the events at the head of the team, saying that it was he who would have given instructions to share this meat between them. The charge was dismissed by the principal concerned.

The investigation is continuing.

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