La Tour Koenig: Un Marchand De Légumes Attaqué Par Un Singe



This is not his first victim. A monkey, belonging to a resident of La Tour Koenig, attacked Romeo, a 46-year-old vegetable seller on Sunday, after it attacked two other people the same day. Questioned by the media, the forty-year-old returned to the circumstances of the incident.

According to Romeo, it was around 7 o’clock Sunday that he saw a neighbor’s monkey on the road. The resident of an apartment in the NHDC at La Tour Koenig noticed that the animal was about to attack an 18-year-old girl. It was also targeting a six-year-old girl.

Romeo decided to go for the girl’s aid. While the latter was able to escape and take the bus, the vegetable vendor was attacked in turn. The monkey followed him to his apartment. “I did not panic. I tried to distract him, but he clung to my waist and started biting my hands. My wife and cousin, who were witnesses of the scene, advised me to caress the animal, but it did not work,” he says.

It is the merchant’s cousin who has mastered the monkey. He enclosed the monkey under a garbage and everyone waited for the arrival of the veterinarians of the Ministry of Agro-industry. In the meantime, a local police van, who was there, took the 40-year-old to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo Hospital. “Since I am a diabetic, I had to take a tetanus sting so I did not have any other health complications.”

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