La Culotte De Neha Était Sur Le Corps De Navin: Les Victimes Étaient Nues


Deshimah Ghoorah Nurudin (25 years old) and her lover Navin Kumar Gunputh (40 years old) were slaughtered with a sharp weapon. Their bodies were found in a car, pushed into a river. Yusuf Nurudin (35), the husband of Deshimah, was arrested.

Deshimah Ghoorah, Neha for her relatives, and Navin Gunputh were missing since Thursday, July 27th. Sunday, around 9 am, devotees went to a river in Valton to take a ritual bath during a “walk on fire”. On the spot, they made a discovery of dead bodies. A car with two dead bodies was immersed in two meters of water. The police of Montagne-Longue was immediately alerted.

Navin Kumar Gunputh.

Inspector Nursing and his men rushed to the scene. Officers from the Mauritian Police Intervention Group (GIPM) were called in to extract the car and the victims of the river. Various police units of the criminal brigade of Pamplemousses, under the supervision of Inspector Ramburrun and those of the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT), came to the spot. CPA Devanand Reekoye, head of the Central CID, was also present.

Neck injuries

Neha’s corpse was in the driver’s seat, while that of Navin Gunputh was in the back seat. The two victims were naked, Neha’s underwear was on the corpse of Navin Gunputh. They wore neck wounds and the bodies were in a state of decomposition. According to information, the car belonged to Navin Gunputh. A motorcycle was found not far from the scene of the crime.

The police found Neha’s father’s motorcycle at the scene of the crime.

The owner is none other than Ranjit Ghoorah, sergeant of police and father of Neha. He explained to the investigators that his son-in-law Yusuf Nurudin had borrowed his motorcycle. MCIT investigators arrested Yusuf Nurudin following statements by an eyewitness, a resident of Crève-Cœur.

“A few days ago, I was doing the laundry at home. I saw a man on a motorcycle fighting with another. I thought it was a dispute among friends. I ignored them and continued my laundry. Enn cout mo tann ban boutey pe kraze. Kan mo get deor, mo trouv sa misie la pe bat lot misie la kout pwen kout pie e finn fer li mont dan loto “she told the investigators. The lady positively identified the motorcycle found near the scene of the crime. She will soon participate in a parade to identify the suspect Yusuf.

Debris from bottles of liquor, found at the scene of the crime, was sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis. The autopsy conducted by the head of the forensic department, Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, and Drs. Maxwell Monvoisin and Shaila Prasad-Jankee, forensic pathologists, attributed the victims’ death to a slashed wound to neck. Neha Nurudin also wore injuries to the abdomen and neck. Navin received two stab wounds at the throat. He had wounds on his left arm. The cuts received by the victims in the neck were 7 to 8 centimeters long. Their deaths would go back to eight or nine days.

“Two slaps”

When questioned by the MCIT officers, Yusuf Nurudin explained that he married Neha civilly last March. The religious marriage took place in May. “Navin was Neha’s ex-boyfriend. I met her a year and a half ago, while I was working in a fast food establishment. Neha was there. I added her on Facebook and we became very close. I found her working in a hotel. She was dismissed because she was drinking too much. I consoled her, she introduced me to her family and we got married. They often quarreled, and Navin often sent him messages. My wife ran away with him a week after our wedding. I went to pick her up at D’Epinay. She often left our house. ”

Yusuf confided : “My wife went to Navin’s, and went to see her at D’Epinay. Navin and I fought, I gave him two slaps. Mone dire li aret fatig mo madam.”

Friday, 21 July. The husband would have deposited his wife with his uncle. “Neha told me she was finishing her work around 1:30 pm. She had informed her mother that she would come to see her. I sent him an SMS. She told me not to come and take her, that she would come later. I went to my mother-in-law’s house. I called Neha, she never answered. Since then, I have had no news of him. A driver saw her in a car with her lover and on Saturday, a policeman found them together, “added the husband.

Yusuf went to the Long Montagne police station on 25 July. He told the police that his wife had left the marital home on 21 July. He wanted to know if she had settled with her lover Navin, a divorced. The police went to see, but she did not see anyone at the address indicated.

Yusuf retained the services of Mes Nadeem Hyderkhan, Arshaad Inder and Mehdi Oomar. He was detained. He will appear in court on Monday morning for his indictment. The police suspect the involvement of other people in this double homicide. The investigation is being conducted by Inspector Ramburrun, in collaboration with MCIT. She is supervised by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Luciano Gerard and Police Superintendent (SP) Callee.

Yousouf Nurudin et Neha Ghoorah.

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