Inde: Une Fillette De 10 Ans Violée Par Son Oncle Est Enceinte


She is on her 27th week of pregnancy. She is 10 years old… The case of this Indian girl shocked the world and the local and international press reported it last week. His family used all legal means to ensure that the child, raped by his uncle, could have an abortion. The Indian Supreme Court had agreed to hear the desperate appeal after an appeals court rejected the request for abortion. But on Friday (July 28th), this body also said no the request, arguing that the voluntary abortion (abortion) presented too great risks for the child.

Abortion is not permitted beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy in the Great Peninsula, except in cases where the life of the mother is in danger. To circumvent this prohibition, the victim’s family argued that their daughter is not physically fit to give birth. An argument that was not enough to convince the Supreme Court.

Indian courts regularly face abortion requests from very young victims of rape, who realize late that they are pregnant. In May, the Supreme Court allowed a 10-year-old child from Haryana to abort when she was 21 weeks pregnant.

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