Hemant Veut Faire Une transplantation De Rein, Mais La Loi De Maurice L’arrête


Hemant Veut

The life expectancy of a patient on dialysis can increase significantly if he undergoes a renal transplant. But in Mauritius donors who are not from the patient’s family are not accepted.

In 2003, when Hemant Kumar Roopun, a resident of Grand-Bois, was 24 years old, he was diagnosed with a kidney problem. The doctor explained that he had cysts and that the cysts were growing. He told her that sooner or later he should undergo dialysis sessions.

Hemant Kumar began to follow treatments. Ten years later, another doctor from Rose-Belle Hospital advised him to have a kidney transplant. He asked him to find a donor. Hemant has three brothers and one sister. He is fatherless (died 24 years ago). His mother is 61 years old. His brothers and cousins ??were ready to give him a kidney, but their blood type did not match.

In November 2016, he contacted Radio Plus, through ‘Xplik ou Cas’, to try to find a compatible donor. He says he did not know that it was not allowed by law. In Mauritius, the law does not allow a foreigner to donate his organs to a patient.

After a while, he returned to Radio Plus, to find a solution. Dr. Gaya reaffirmed Mauritius’ position in renal transplantation. Then Minister of Health had intervened in the debates to declare that a proposal would be made to the National Assembly to amend the law. This has not yet been done.

The good news for patients waiting for a kidney transplant is that they could benefit from the expertise of foreign doctors. Two Indian surgeons are expected to perform transplants. A French nephrologist is also ready to lend his support.

The two Indian specialists, who work at the Artemis Hospital in Haryana, India, were recently in Mauritius to meet Health Minister Anwar Husnoo on this subject. If all goes well, they could operate a dozen patients.

The government would be ready to provide all the necessary equipment for this type of operation, which will take place in two hospitals: SSRN and Victoria.
Initially, interventions will be exclusively carried out by foreign specialists.

For his part, Minister Anwar Husnoo said that kidney transplants are one of the priorities of his ministry. Meanwhile, how to solve the problem of Hemant Kumar? Where to find a kidney, if his relatives are not compatible? The young man places all his hopes in this new law.

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