[Goodlands] Un Superviseur Agressé : “Li Finn Tire So Parti Privé Dehor Ek Li Finn Montré Mo Madame”



A 46-year-old resident of Goodlands was assaulted by three individuals on 26 June. He says he ignores the reasons for this aggression. Two suspects were arrested and positively identified by the victim. They deny the facts and assure that the forty-year-old exhibited his private parts. He was also arrested.

Kanaven, a supervisor, had the fear of his life. Three people allegedly assaulted him last month while he was resting in his room. “Zot finn bat mwa ek gourdin partou lor lekor. Zot finn zet pima lor mo lizie. One of the men told me that I would not come out alive, “says Kanaven in his complaint.

Alerted by his cries, his relatives came to his rescue and his attackers ran away. Kanaven was taken to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses. After eight days of hospitalization, he went home. “I do not know why they have beaten me,” he said.

On Monday, Sergeant Beebeejaun’s team arrested two suspects: Sahil H. and Musodee T., two residents of Goodlands. They denied the allegations against them altogether. “We never assaulted Kanaven. On the 26th of June he was on the roof of his house. Li Finn Tire So Parti Privé Dehor Ek Li Finn Montré Mo Madame. We have recorded a statement to the police, “they said. The suspects were identified by the forty-year-old as their aggressors. However, during the identification session, the police arrested Kanaven, for on 13 July the wife of one of his attackers lodged a complaint against him.

She alleges that Kanaven showed her intimate parts several times between April and June. “Every Sunday, he climbs on the roof of his house and when I go out, he calls me and shows me his sex,” she assures. Kanaven denies these allegations.

The latter and his alleged perpetrators appeared before the tribunal of Pamplemousses. Kanaven was charged with gross indecent act. Musodee T. is accused of premeditated assault and Sahil H. is charged with aiding and abetting in commission of a crime. They all provided a bond to regain freedom. The investigation conducted by Sergeant Beebeejaun is supervised by Police Superintendent Musafeer.

Contacted, Kanaven cofies that almost a month after his aggression, his injuries still make him suffer. “They beat me like a beast. I could have left it there. Since that aggression. I have never exhibited my sex as they pretend, “he defends himself.

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