Flacq: Un Bébé Privé De Respirateur artificiel – “Ki mo ti bizin fer, less zanfan mort ?”


On the afternoon of Thursday, August 3, a woman gave birth to a premature baby at the Flacq hospital . The baby weighs only 1.2 kg and needs specialized care..”He’s in great need be placed on the artificial respirator.” However the Wellkin Hospital (formerly Apollo Bramwell), has borrowed the neonatal ventilator, which helps relieve infants and young children with respiratory problems. Moreover the Flacq hospital owns only one respirator for baby and the Wellkin Hospital was using it. “We will find a solution for the baby,” said the Ministry of Health communications officer.

At the level of the doctors of the hospital, it is explained that this is an unprecedented case. The search for an alternative for the newborn is under way. “Until Wellkin returns the neonatal ventilator, we have to find a solution. Other hospitals have been contacted but so far, no positive response has been obtained, “it was said by the party concerned. There is evidence that the newborn will be transferred to another hospital as soon as a place is vacated they said.

When requested, the communications officer of the Ministry of Health confirms that the medical device has been sent to Wellkin. “The hospitalized child was in danger of death. A request was made by the clinic and the Ministry of Health decided to lend the neonatal ventilator to save the patient’s life,” they stated.

According to the Ministry of Health, this is a “common practice” between hospitals and private clinics. Just last week, the Ministry of Health has helped the Fortis Darné clinic by supplying them with pacemakers. Everything was done in the rules and in the transparency, they said. This borrowing of equipment will not be paid.

Since then, the polemic has risen. This is clearly not to the taste of the Minister of Health, Anwar Husnoo. “Ki mo ti bizin fer, less zanfan mort ?” He reacted on Sunday (August 6th) to the Islamic college in Plaine-Verte, during a free check-up for the faithful who will undertake The hajj.

Anwar Husnoo says that the Wellkin Hospital contacted him, explaining that a 21-month-old baby is seriously ill, suffering from respiratory problems. “Wellkin kontakte mwa pou gagn la pareil preté.”

The Minister of Health said he asked the private institution if the child could be transferred to the hospital. But he was their was a negative. Faced with this situation, “we had no choice,” he said. And this is how the artificial respirator was loaned to the Wellkin Hospital.

However, Anwar Husnoo points out, this is not the first time that the Ministry of Health has been helping private clinics. Two weeks ago, he revealed, he helped out the Fortis Darné clinic. “One patient was seriously ill. She needed a pacemaker. ”

All this demonstrates, insists the Minister of Health, the working relationship that exists between public hospitals and private clinics. “We send dialysis patients to the clinic … When appliances break down in hospitals, we send people to do clinical exams.” For the Minister of Health, “kan nou an difikilté, zot ed nou é Kan nou an difikilté nou ed zot “.

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