Finn Retrouve Ène Rickshaw À Ebène



Rarely, a rickshaw was seen in Ebène on Sunday, June 18th. A photo of the vehicle was shared by a user on Facebook. The photo, which was then repeated on the Facebook page of, arouses the curiosity of the Net surfers.

This means of transport, which is very popular in India, is prohibited in Mauritius. So what did this rickshaw do to Ebène?

The National Transport Authority (NTA) explains that there is only one rickshaw in Mauritius, and this is the one that was seen at Ebène. “This rickshaw was imported by an Indian years ago. It had been used at a wedding in Mauritius. Since then, he has stayed here and his owners have talked about it,” says one NTA inspector.

“We agreed to lease, under certain conditions, this rickshaw at an event to be organized in Mauritius by a non-governmental organization,” the officer added.

As a reminder, the rickshaw is part of folk transportation and is still very popular in India. This means of transport is used for short trips, such as going to work, school or shopping.

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