[Fidget Spinner] : Un Garçon De 8 Ans A Avalé Une Pièce Et Cela Pourrait Causer Sa Mort


Fidget Spinner

This is the craze of the moment. The fidget spinner is a hit with young and old alike. And, the toy confirms its dangerousness. On Friday, an eight-year-old boy swallowed one of the ball bearings contained in these gadgets.

“We were all very, very worried,” confide the family of the child. The latter was rushed to the hospital on Friday night after the accident. The doctor prescribed a laxative and the Standard III’s pupil was finally able to return home to Quatre-Bornes.

“It could have been more serious. He could have choked with,” deplores a close friend of the boy. A family member posted a message on Facebook, as a warning, that parents and children should pay more attention.

“It was his grandmother who offered him the top as a gift. It was last week. After swallowing the ball, he told his elder brother, who is nine years old, that he did not know how such a thing could have happened. Lying on the sofa when the accident occurred. Yesterday morning the boy was better. However, “he vomited and had cramps in his stomach,” we learnt.

On the other hand, three other accidents related to fidget spinners have been reported so far, says a doctor. Who insists that the child should immediately be transported to the hospital if he swallows a part of the toy. And remember that the parts of this object may remain trapped in the trachea or they may land in the intestine, which can be fatal. He therefore calls for vigilance.

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