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chemin grenier

A 24-year-old said he was assaulted by six people on Monday (July 10th). Divesh Ramchurrun went to his in-laws at Chemin-Grenier when he was first attacked by a dog. Then, while attempting to defend himself, he was reportedly beaten by the owner of the animal, with the complicity of five other people.

Divesh Ramchurrun says that one of his assailants hit him with a cutter’s cut to the right eye. This resident of Chamouny had to undergo surgery.

A deposition was recorded at Chemin-Grenier police station.

Sanju, the father of the young man, confided in Radio Plus on Tuesday 11 July:

“Yesterday Divesh went to his in-laws at Chemin-Grenier. A dog attacked him on his way home. He defended himself. The owner of the animal and five other persons assaulted him with iron bars. He got surgery. A complaint was lodged with the police. Three people were interviewed. Police said they need to get a document from their doctor. “

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