Enn Bébé 15 Mois Mort Apré Ki Li Finn Anval Bonbon “Gummy Candy”


The neighborhood of Cité La Cure is in turmoil. The Goindsamy family, residing at Robert Scott Street, is overwhelmed after Kleyton, a 15-month-old baby, died of asphyxiation on Monday (July 10th). He had consumed a gummy candy (“gummy candy”) which was fatal to him.

The infant’s mother, in shock, wrapped herself in silence. “Mourning her child remains one of the most difficult times for parents. Like them, we are overwhelmed by the tragic end of Kleyton, “confided Jean-Pierre, the uncle of the little one, the voice tied by sorrow. The funeral of Kleyton is scheduled this Tuesday afternoon.

In his version of Abercrombie police, Desire Goindsamy, the father of the baby, explained that his son played with his nephew when the drama was played. Kleyton was consuming a gummy candy. “At one point, my little one was starting to choke. I transported him urgently to the Dr. A.G.Jeetoo hospital, “said the father.

Unfortunately, the death of the infant was noticed shortly afterwards by a doctor. The autopsy performed by the forensic doctors, Dr. Shaila Jankee Parsad and Dr. Mahder, attributed the death to asphyxia.

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