Ène Ex-Prisonier Rentre Dan Prison Avek La Drogue Cachiette Dan So Partie Intime


He is not a prisoner. Nevertheless he had been able to get in the Open Prison of Richelieu. This occurred on Thursday, 15 June, around 11.30 pm. While the detainees slept soundly and the guards guarded, an intruder entered the prison.

This is a former detainee Mujaheedin S., a resident of Curepipe. He was surprised by a special squad sent by Prison Commissioner Vinod Appadoo.

The management had heard of the shady activities that took place late in the evening in this penitentiary center.

After the intruder was immobilized, prison officers carried out a body search on him. 14 doses of heroin, a package containing synthetic drug and a cannabis pellet were found on him. The drugs were hidden in his private parts of the alleged smuggler.

The administration of the prison was confronted with information that the person named Mujaheedin S. was to hand over these illicit products to another detainee for a sum of Rs 1,000.

The prison commissioner, Vinod Appadoo, said he was pleased with the work done by his team to foil any attempt to pass drugs into prisons.

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