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Tragedy with the Milazar family, Block D-09, NHDC, city La-Cure. The 18-year-old MacDenis, named Denis, died in the bathroom on Saturday when he was trying to rescue his 52-year-old mother, Roselynette, who was doing the laundry. His 13-year-old brother, who had also come to rescue their mother, was the victim of an electric shock. This frightful scene was played under the eyes of the mother.

“Monn dir Bondie sov mo fami, sov mo nam, sov mo zanfan”, cowardly Roselynette. This mother of three boys can not hunt these horrible images of her memory. His eldest son had already told him about his new apartment. “Denis did not want to come here,” she says.

For several years, the family of rodriguaise origin has moved to the Crown Land, in Cité La-Cure. “Denis was in Form V. Last year, we took steps to get an apartment from the NHDC. We finally got it. We settled there a week ago. Selman pa ti ena kouran. Nek vandredi kinn large, “says the fifties.

The tragedy occurred on Saturday. On leaving work, Roselynette, who works at the factory, went to the bathroom. It was about 6.30 pm “Monn pran linz zanfan lekol. Zot bann souliye, “she continues. There was no indication that misfortune would strike the family.

“Mo ti fini lave. Mo ti pe avans ros lave pou mo brose kan monn santi enn zafer ris mwa “, relates Roselynette, with tears in her eyes. She then clung to a fitting. “Mo pa ti kone ki ti ena kouran ladan. Monn pous li. Lerla monn trap laport sal de bin pou mo kriy o sekour, “she adds.

“Mo leker ti pre pou arete…”
MacDanell, the 13-year-old and his elder brother MacDenis then rushed to the bathroom. But seeing MacDanell arrive, Roselynette did not want him to take any risks.

“Monn dir Danell ale, pa res la.” He did not shrink from danger and tried to save his mother at the risk of his life. The teenager received an electric shock. “Danell inn tonbe”, relates the quiquagenarian. ” I do not quite understand what happened with Denis. “Mo nek inn trouv li tonbe. Monn resi trap enn mop pou mo pous sa rakor-la. Monn santi mo pe sere, ki mo leker pre pou arete. Monn santi mwa pe kase andan.Monn santi mwa pe kase andan. Monn dir Bondie pa les mwa mor dan sa sitiasyion-la ek sov mo fami. “

MacDanell managed to get up. “Monn galoupe ek monn al get vwazin ,” he said in tears. The police of Abercrombie was summoned. The police found Roselynette and Denis, inert in the bathroom. The SAMU was alerted. Once on the spot, the doctor on duty found that Denis had already delivered his last breath.

The youngest and their mother had to be urgently evacuated to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo hospital. Both were admitted. The autopsy conducted by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin and Dr. Prem Chamane revealed that the victim succumbed to a shock caused by electrocution.

Among the Milazar, the disappearance of Denis is a terrible loss. “Denis often told me to take care of his two little brothers. He studied to get us out of misery. He had plans. He did not want to come to live in this apartment after all the difficulties we encountered. As if it were an omen … “said Roselynette, who wished to go home, against the advice of the doctor, to be with his family. MacDanell also left the hospital on Sunday. Denis’s funeral is scheduled for Monday, June 12th.

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