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After her birth in 1988, Aurélie was adopted by a French couple. For more than a decade, she tries to find the one who gave birth to her …

Isabelle Marie Aurélie Garcia, a French woman aged 29, is looking for her biological mother, a Mauritian. The young woman, born on February 2, 1988, at Victoria Hospital, Candos, had been adopted by a French couple, her mother having been unable to keep her.

“I think there was already an arrangement between my mother and my adoptive parents,” says Aurélie, “because I learned that shortly after my birth, they came from France for adoption procedures and took me to Marseille . ”

Marie Noëllette Veerappen, the adoptive mother, also a Mauritian, had married Pierre Emmanuel Garcia, a Frenchman. Aurélie did not have the chance to really know the heat of the maternal arms, because one year after its adoption, her mother of heart dies as a result of an illness. She does not yet know that she is an adopted child.

“As I grew older, I began to have doubts about my origins. My father is a Caucasian European and I, a Creole. It was clear that I could not be his daughter but he never wanted to answer my shy questions. Then I saw the name of another person on my papers and my birthplace, the Candos hospital, “Aurelie said.

Conversation surprise

At the age of 10, she overhears a conversation. She hears her father talking about her adoption to a friend and expressing concern about it, fearing she will discover the truth. In 2012, Aurélie lost her father. She finds herself alone and it is the click to start research to find her biological mother. “I came to Mauritius in 2013 and was able to trace my adoptive mother’s relatives so that they could help me find my real mother, but they did not help me,” she says. One of them told me that his pregnancy was undesirable and that he had contacted the Garcia to ask if they would adopt me. ”

Aurelie does not lose hope. “Every day I wake up, I look at myself in the mirror, wondering who I am and where my mother is … I have to find her! The young woman appeals to all those who could help her in her search. “If there were any nurses working in the Maternity Ward in February 1988, I would ask them to contact me …”

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