AUDIO : Ene Groupe Zeleve Fine Batte Ene Garson Ki Dan Form 1 Ek Fine Bizin Admet Li Dan Lopital Jeetoo


A Form 1 college student attending a state college was assaulted during the lunch break Tuesday, January 17 by a group of students from the same college.

Injured, the schoolboy was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital.

The 11-year-old, who already has health complications, would have been thrown at a wall, according to his mother. He would not have reported the incident to the leadership of the college. It was not until he returned home that he told his mother everything.

On the side of the management of the college, one denies any aggression. According to the rector, the child played in the courtyard of the college with his friends. But nothing has been reported, he told Radio Plus.

On our “player” above listen again to Shirley, the teenager’s mother, what she testified.

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